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Deskjet, is a brand name given to inkjet printers that are designed by HP (Hewlett-Packard). These models are available in a variety of sizes ranging from compact domestic printers to larger ones for frequent and regular use. Deskjet printers have the ability to print almost three pages in a minute. Although Deskjet printers are HP’s version of regular inkjet printers, they are quite different in terms of their print heads. The print heads used in Deskjet printers are disposable and inexpensive. They are built into the cartridge and deliver a much higher print quality as compared to inkjet printers because the head and the ink are replaced frequently in the latter.

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Printers for Rent (AffordaInk, Inc.) is a leading service and and product provider of printers, copiers, toner refilling and related equipment based in Metro Manila, Philippines providing rental, maintenance and sale of cost-efficient, affordable yet quality printer products, equipment, supplies and accessories for enterprise, office, from small, medium to large businesses. 

We provide printer services mainly for leading printer and copier brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, EPSON, and Ricoh.

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